New Life Community Church

  Have you ever wondered if Jesus Actually Said Some Things? Our Concept of Christ will affect our Spiritual Attitudes and somewhere along the way folks get some strange misconceptions on the sayings of the Savior like;
Did Jesus Actually Say to Not Judge?
Is Jesus Against all Divorce?
Did Jesus Say to Hate your Family??
Is Jesus a Pacifist??
In the month of March, we will look into some common misstatements of Christ and maybe see some He really said that we ignore!! Join us Sundays at 10:30 for our Gathering and 10 AM for a Coffee/Donut Hangout time…



What We are All About

The goal of New Life Community Church is to be a church modeled exactly after the outline given in the Bible. We essentially started from scratch, threw out all the man-made traditions and customs, and started again.

Located in Terre Haute, IN, New Life Community Church is a church with a purpose and calling to be more than a church…to be a family, a community…people sharing and caring for each other. We know you’ve been burned, and believe it or not, so have we. Therefore, we invite you to give us a chance to prove that this time and this church, is different.
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We are located in Terre Haute, IN, at 815 Ohio Street. Services start at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Prior to service we invite you to join us for coffee and doughnuts starting at 10:00a.m.